Black Women's Inner Peace





A Study of Mental Health, Wellness, and Self-Care

Life Stories

Black women's traditions of wellness are clearly recorded in memoirs and autobiographies. Narratives below highlight power brokers (those who redefine power in their writing), self-healers (those on the quest for healthy mind, body, and spirit), and elders (writers in their 80s, 90s, and 100s) who offer guides for longevity. Authors embody the concept of regeneration--looking back for wisdom, inward for strength, and forward for hope and faith.

          Reading life narratives unveils similar strategies found in IndexUS research. Elders are messengers of health--they offer tools for sustainable wellness: Meditation, Movement, Emotional Support, Nutrition, Getting Help, Rest, and Stress Reduction.

          For more information, read "From Worthless to Wellness" in ​Black Women's Mental Health (SUNY, 2017) and visit the Meditation Memoirs library in the database.